SLASH : a new movie
written and directed by Clay Liford

It’s the age old story of a teenager who writes erotic fanfiction about his favorite sic-fi hero and learns hard-won truths about life in the process. The movie is funny and heartfelt and the cast is great (Michael Johnson, Hannah Marks, Tishuan Scott, Michael Ian Black, Jessie Ennis, Peter Vack . There’s lots more to say about the movie... But we also wanted to use this space to acknowledge that there is a real world of Slash and Fanfic out there and it is diverse and epic in scope. Take a look at the non-fiction ‘Zine that Ramona Flume made about the universe of Slash fiction.

SLASH LIBS Story Making Contest

Remember Mad Libs? Those were fun...and we always liked making them dirty. So now, we're taking it even further. Just fill in the blanks and enjoy your funny nasty or nice as you are. And it's a contest for now...If you share your story on Facebook, you'll be entered to win cool movie stuff like DVDs and posters.

Part of the fun of this movie was that we got to make up out own Sci-fi here. A lot of old school publishers frown on the practice of using copyrighted characters in unsanctioned works, so for legal reasons, Clay invented Vanguard. Clay’s vision was great, but we wanted to crowd source it too, so we put idea of him out there for a bunch of different artists. Bug-like armor, sexy, space mercenary. We asked and we recieved... Feast your eyes on the treats below.

Visions of Vanguard

FanFic Vanguard Origin Comic

Every hero needs an here is the comic teaser for Vanguard’s origin story as imagined by Morgan Coy. There’s a whole first TV season story arc where this came from. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, give us a call. Let’s make Vanguard come to life!.

Write Your Own Slash

How about trying your own hand at a little Slash fiction. Type “yes” into the box below to get started on a great adventure starring characters you already dream about.

Neil’s Room

There are many unsung heros involved in the making of a movie. The production designer is an interesting person to seek out becuase she/he is the one who defines the characters through the physical objects that surrounds them. Ramona Flume conducted a short interview with the production designer of Slash, Chelsea Turner. Click on her picture below to read the interview focusing on Neil's room. You can also explore that room in 360 degrees in the viewer below. If you have a google cardboard, you can look around the room in VR. If you’re on a computer we find it easiest to use the arrow keys to look around, Q and W to zoom.

click to read interview

Let’s Get Physical

We took a little time to start crafting Vanguard in 3D! We’ve started with a bust, which you can look at below or download and print out if you want. We’ve got some more risque poses in the pipeline. We’ll get those flowing for you shortly. Or if you’ve got some 3d crafting skills, we be happy to share some of our source files with you so that you can work on your own version of Vanguard.