Below you'll find 3D models of the hero of the slash fic at the core of /Slash/. We're using the models to make some 3D renders and prints, but we wanted to share them with you you can make your own! Check out some of the stuff we've already gotten in this Vanguard Fan Art Photo Album.

Here's a picture of the sketch we used to create the character for the film:

And here's a 3d print we made with our 3D model....

sexy vanguard 3d print

And here's a crazy 3d rendering we got (and love)...

vanguard turtle 3d render


Well...that's the idea, I think. Now, here are the files we have:

1. A stately bust of Vanguard -

2. Three different versions of Vanguard in a with him what you will:

a. STL from 3D Builder - VanguardTpose080815_V02from3Dbuilder.stl

b. STL from MeshMixer (ascii) - VanguardTpose080815_V02fromMeshmixer-ascii.stl

c. STL from MeshMixer (binary) - VanguardTpose080815_V02fromMeshmixer-binary.stl



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